On our Web Push solution, since our Snippet is integrated on your Website, our technology will be able to collect data on the visitors of your Website in order to manage the Opt-in proposition and to get default information in our data base once the visitor become Opt-in. These data will be available for segmentation.

Here are common questions about the data management :

Where are the device data stored for the visitors and opt-in users

The device informations are stored in the cache of the Web Browser. We do not use Cookies but the Local Storage (or Indexed DB) in order to ensure the best stability of the data.

After 30 days, the user Cookies are automatically removed, does the device then become Opt-out and will not receive the push anymore ?

The Storages of the Web browsers don't get automatically cleaned. As we do not use the Cookies to store our data, this purge will not affect the user opt-in status.

If the user cleans his Browser data, does he still receive the push notifications ? (note that these behavior is based on our experience on the latest browser version, but it can be subject to evolution on the browser side)

Chrome (V : 59.0.3071.115)

Although the auto-removal of Cookies do not impact the optin, if the user manually remove his Cookies (as in the screenshot) then he will no longer be optin to Web push notifications. Indeed this option currently also remove the Local Storage of the Websites.

When he comes back on the Website, he will be proposed again to become optin.

Firefox (V : 54.0.1)

On Firefox, removing his Cookies does currently not turn the user to Opt-out. The only option that will remove the Web push permission is the 'Site Preferences' (see screenshot).

When he comes back on the Website, he will be proposed again to become optin.

Was Purge is done by Accengage for Opt-out devices ?

Accengage runs an automated daily purge in order to remove old opt-out profiles from our database. We remove profiles who have been inactive (did not come back to the Website) since 6 months. If a profile that was purged comes back to the Website, his profile will be created again if he is still opt-in.