In order to run abandonned Cart campaigns on Web Push notifications, you need to make sure that the segment and the schedule of your reccuring campaigns have a correct setup.

There are several possibilities to implement this scenario but here is an exemple.

Enable the following Custom fields that would get updated by our UpdateDeviceInfo method


- last Cart date : date of last addition of a product to a cart

- Cart status: [0;1] depending or empty or full

- last Purchase date : optional if you want to exclude recent buyers from your campaign


- last added product name : name of the last product added to the cart

- last added product id : Id of the last product added to the cart

- Cart Id : id of the last product added to the cart

You'll then be able to create the following segment to dynamically select the eligible users to the Abandoned Cart campaign: 

Then you can create your message:

And you can setup a daily schedule at the time you want: