If you use the Appsflyer SDK, you can add a tracker in your Accengage campaigns in order to measure its performances directly in the Appsflyer console.

Here is the Appsflyer documentation explaining the process. On Accengage side, you need to make sure that the Custom Parameters are correctly tracked by our SDK:

iOS documentation:

> Push notifications

> Inapp notifications

Android documentation

With Accengage, you can add the trackers using the 'Custom Param' parameter of the campaign. This is compatible with the following channels:

- Push notification reaction

- Inapp display and/or click

- Scheduled alarm reaction

You need to define the Key Value as following:

Key = af

Value = \"pid\":\"accengage\",\"is_retargeting\":true,\"c\":\"test_campaign\"

  • C – the name of the campaign
  • is_retargeting=true – this parameter enables AppsFlyer to recognize a re-targeting campaign
  • pid= the media source