If you use several CRM tools (and the GCM recording is already done several times), this could explain why some devices do not receive push messages.

Indeed, a conflict can happen when it comes to the recording and the token recovered by the SDK could be invalid.

To resolve this problem, you can :

  • Leave our SDK records to GCM and no longer do it yourself 


  • Send us the token after the recording from GCM 

Regarding the second issue, please find the process below :

It is necessary to remove the following metadata in the Manifest : 

<meta-data android:name="com.ad4screen.senderid" android:value="gcm:yoursenderid" />

Thus, the SDK won't be recorded automatically to GCM.

In this case, you have to record the application yourself to GCM and give us the token through this method :

sendGCMToken: http://wiki.accengage.com/android/javadoc/reference/com/ad4screen/sdk/A4S.html#sendGCMToken(java.lang.String)