The Device Id is our unique identifier, it allows you to identify for sure the Accengage device profile that represent your own device. 

For test segments it is recommended to use this data as criterion. It is also necessary to get your device information from our Test Tools.

You will find below the methodology in order to recover your Device ID (A4SID) on Android :

  • Download the A4SID application on your Android device using the link below or using our QR Code:

  • Make sure your app has been opened at least one time.
  • Open the A4SID application and check your deviceID.

You can also find it using our logs app :

Click here to download it 

- Activate logs and open your app

- Go back to Logs Apps and go to "Show Logs"

- In the right corner, click on the three point menu and tap "Info" to check your deviceId

Here is an example for the creation of your test segment