Before providing us a test application to realize all the integration tests, could you please check that all the following points have been validated :

  • Partner ID provided by your Accengage Project manager have been defined in your app.
    • Environment:  This point only applies to you if your project manager has provided you separate partners IDs for development and production environments. We only test on the production environment. This means you need to provide us development apk/ipa, including the production partners ID.

  • Push notifications delivery :
    • P12 Certificates (iOS): you need to verify that the bundle id and the provisioning implemented in the application are identical to those in the certificate. (Documentation here)
    • GCM Key & Sender Id (Android): you should verify that the Google API Key and the Sender ID are the same on our Dashboard as the one included in the application. (Documentation here : GCM, FCM)

  • If you have integrated the iOS SDK in your application, you need to :
    • Make sure that our logs are activated so we can test your application under iOS9 & iOS10 :
      • If the logs are correctly activated, our AccInfo app will track the user information.
    • Give access to our devices by allowing our UDIDs, if that's the way you choose to provide us with your application. They are specified in the tagging plan.

  • The complete tagging plan (Accengage format) need to be sent to us in order to get the full perimeter of the test.
    • If views are to be tested, please declare their values
    • URL to test (Deeplinks / URL Schemes)

  • SDK: Please make sure you integrate the latest version of the SDK (old or new channel)
    • We cannot perform any tests for applications including SDK versions less than the 3.1.2 one on Android and the 5.2.2 on iOS.

  • Provide us all necessary additional information for the test :
    • Test account
    • Iban
    • Fictitious credit cards to test purchases

To be sent for Accengage Tests:

  • You can send us your apps via different methods (additionally to the sending of the .ipa or the .apk) :
    • iOS : TestFlight / HockeyApp / Crashlytics Beta
    • Android : HockeyApp / Crashlytics Beta / Google Play Store Beta
  • If you provide us access via an Enterprise Store, please don't forget to provide us the credential to download the app.
  • You can send the information to and add your Project Manager in cc.
  • If need be, please mention the contact to which we need to provide the feedbacks.
  • Please don't forget to add the complete tagging plans.

Once all of these points have been validated on your side, we have all the necessary elements to realize efficiently the complete test of your app in the best delays.